Slim Laptop

Slim Laptop is mainly for business users who are looking for cost-effective or high performance and portability requirements. From the perspective of the Chinese market, this level of models is still very marketable. The thin body, long life, good business entertainment performance, wonderful design process, attracted many white-collar workers.
In the past, this type of slim laptop was equipped with a low-voltage processor specially designed by the processor manufacturer, and the frequency is relatively low, but the power consumption and heat generation are completely suitable for the design requirements of ultra-thin notebooks.
At the same time, the energy-saving characteristics of long-lasting battery life are also better displayed in this type of machine. Optional internal and external optical drives, as well as a comprehensive expansion solution, make these models gradually move closer to mainstream models.
1) CPU: Battery Trail/ Cherry Trail T3
2) GPU: Intel® HD Graphics
3) SDRAM:2GB DDR3L( FOUR 256*16bit)256×16bit compatible
4) Flash: 16GB/32GB/128GB
6) OS: Microsoft Windows 10
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