Smart OTT TV BOX is compatible with any TV (HDMI or AV(white-red-yellow cables)) or regular PC monitor with HDMI jack. You can download apps from the Google Play Store, watching videos, playing games, surfing the Internet,Converts Smart TV into Smart PC, or regular TV into Smart PC, Full Web Browsing, Picture Viewing, Social Networking, make free phone calls with Skype, and so on.
You can still access to thousands of Android applications! Smart OTT TV BOX can handle external HDDS, USB Drivers,SD/SDHC/MMC Cards!MXQ-4K Android TV BOX support with any wireless mouse, keyboard or remote control!
Smart TV Box means a full-open platform like a smart phone. It is equipped with an operating system. Users can install and uninstall software, games and other third-party service providers. Through the continuous expansion of the TV function, and through the network cable, wireless network to achieve TV Internet surfing, video playback, games, online education, online shopping and other functions of the product name.
The programs watched by traditional TVs are fixed, cannot access the Internet, and cannot dominate TV programs with consumers' preferences. They do not have content and applications that can be loaded.
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