Video Doorbell

When in use, the resident hears the ringtone, like the answering of the videophone, accepts the call from the host through the downstairs host, and the video extension can receive the video image through the downstairs host camera, and the household observes the extension display.
The monitor image on the Video Doorbell screen confirms the identity of the visitor, and finally decides whether to press the unlock button of the indoor extension to open the electronically controlled door lock of the host connected to the door, allowing the visitor to open the door.
1. Mobile Devices: Support remote viewing on mobile devices. supporte for iPhone/iPad/Android.
2. Two-way Audio: Communicate with family and friends on mobile devices.
3. Once user press the Dingdong Button, the device would send a call or alarm to Phone app.
4. Motion detection, will send alerts notification to your Phone app.
5. Remote Viewing:No matter where you are,monitoring your shop or company,also can undertake
7. No need computer:24h video storage,playback at any time.
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