All In One VR Glasses

The All In One VR Glasses display uses a head-mounted display device to close the person's visual and auditory sense to the outside world, and guides the user to create a feeling in the virtual environment. The display principle is that the left and right eye screens respectively display images of the left and right eyes, and the human eye obtains such a difference information and generates a stereoscopic effect in the mind.
Virtual reality head-mounted display device, referred to as VR head-mounted VR glasses, is a product that combines various technologies such as simulation technology and computer graphics human-machine interface technology multimedia technology sensing technology network technology.
It is created by computer and the latest sensor technology. A new means of human-computer interaction. VR head-mounted VR glasses are an inter-generational product. Not only does every lover experience with surprise and joy, but also fascinated by its birth and unknown future.
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