WIFI IP Camera

A WIFI IP Camera is a network camera that transmits video signals over a wireless network. The difference from a normal network camera is the way in which video signals are transmitted. Different from the wireless transmission mode, there are two kinds of wireless network cameras, one is a wireless wifi network camera, and the other is a network camera that uses a mobile communication carrier 3G wireless signal for signal transmission.
1) CPU: Hisilicon Hi3518E 440Mhz
3) Popular outer appearance
4) Support TF Card storage
5) Could remote view your home and baby or Senior anywhere and any time
6) Lens: 2Million pixels
7) Fashionable UI design of the smartphone app
8) SDK: Supports Android OS ;Supports Linux OS
The WIFI IP Camera was born, which greatly satisfied some villas, families, shops and other occasions, and some places that are not well wired, completely eliminating the complexity of wiring construction, and the real change engineering is the product.
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